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Award-Winning Partnerships – The Beloit Success Story

  • 27 May 2020
  • 11:00 AM
  • Online Webinar


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Award-Winning Partnerships – The Beloit Success Story

CTE + STEM/PBL + School Redesign = Award-winning Results!

Energy is the lifeblood of our society, a basic requirement for quality of life, and an industry with high-demand, high-tech, and high-wage careers.  It is an ideal topic for PBL activities to engage students, helping make real-world connections to STEM, and subjects like economics and politics too. Aligned with the vision of “Kansans CAN” and the model for redesigning schools, our first year as the pilot program for the BTU CrewTM PBL energy curriculum ended up taking our students on award-winning trips to Houston, TX and Washington, D.C. Come learn how your district can get started, too!

Learning Objectives:

School Redesign Goals and Process – BoE, Teacher & Student Involvement – Role of B&I Partner – Power of PBL & Student Competitions – Benefits of Public Presentations by Students – Community Support of Student Projects – Real-world Connections with Data-Analytics & District Facilities as Living-Learning Labs – Facility Improvements Identified & Justified by Students Utilizing Data Analytics – Strength of Team Effort – Focus on Career Awareness & Exploration.



Jeff Travis, Beloit USD 273 Superintendent

Brady Dean, Beloit USD 273 ES Principal

Casey Seyfert, Beloit USD 273 MS/HS Principal

Dan Whisler, Educator in Residence, Trane


Panel Guests:

Chris Torline, Intelligent Services / Data Analytics Engineer, Trane

Erin Rau, Intelligent Services / Data Analytics Account Manager, Trane

Keven Ward, Strategic Programs Consultant, Trane


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